Secrets of the Twilight Djinn Collection- Box Set Black Friday

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🌟 Volume 1 - "The Journey Begins" Join Max Daybreaker as he embarks on a thrilling quest after his mother's mysterious disappearance. Aided by a band of audacious Spice Pirates led by Captain Cinn, Max traverses the perilous three seas. Allies emerge in the form of a teenage warrior queen, a visionary three-eyed seer, and a covert assassin spy. Their odyssey is fraught with dangers: shapeshifting bears, an enigmatic witch, cunning harpies, and the formidable Djinn, hell-bent on world domination. As Max confronts each obstacle, he unravels his enigmatic past, awakening latent powers that challenge his very identity. Who is Max Daybreaker, really?

🌟 Volume 2 - "The Race Against Time" In the gripping sequel, Max Daybreaker faces heightened dangers and mystical adventures. His journey pits him against a fearsome Kraken, atop a fire-breathing dragon, and head-to-head with the increasingly powerful evil Djinn. The mission is perilous - safeguarding his friends from wrathful sea gods, a revenge-seeking sultan, and rescuing his mother from a dire curse. Max's unpredictable magic is key as he navigates to the Isle of Sanctus, with enemies at every turn. Can Max harness his powers and reach his destination before time vanishes?

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