Secrets of the Twight Djinn Collection- Vol. 2

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When Max Daybreaker awakens on the mysterious Isle of Sanctus, his world is set upside down. With their trusty ship, the Saucy Pig, destroyed and Captain Cinn and the crew marooned, Max is thrust into a world of enchantment, peril, and treachery.

The once-coveted Academy of Elemental Magic, presided over by the formidable Mistress Pandora, now looms as a symbol of uncertainty. As Max delves deeper into his studies, the island's secrets begin to unravel, pointing to the grand and enigmatic Citadel of Light. But this ancient tower hides more than just secrets; it's a portal to another realm.

Max soon finds himself in the heart of the Azura Kingdom, a land illuminated by magic, guarded by dragons, and shrouded in enigma. With the darkness inching closer, every step in Azura is a dance with danger. Every alleyway might conceal a secret, every shadow could harbor a threat. Max, ever resourceful and determined, must rely on his wits, his newfound friends, and old allies.

But his greatest challenge? The powerful forces that control Azura, and the perilous journey to save his best friend Mesha and find a way back home.

Will Max navigate the challenges of Azura, free Mesha, and return to the Three Seas? Or will the shadows consuming the Isle of Sanctus claim him, his friends, and his world forever?

Dive into a realm where every page promises an escapade, every chapter holds a mystery, and every book delivers an odyssey. In "Secrets of the Twilight Djinn Collection: Volume 2", brace yourself for a tale of courage, friendship, and danger.