L’Oste Vineyard Family

Tiny Press- Big Dreams

Our Story

John and Kate met one fateful night in 1989, in a dorm room. They connected. Lost that connection and many years later reconnected. 

They raised John’s two girls, and then when they were grown and moved away, had a little boy named Max. 

John shifted through a career in social work and playing in a symphony. Kate glided through environmental preservation, theater, and real estate. 

John began writing full time in 2008. He penned fourteen books, but his greatest had not been written until Max became ill. It was then he wrote Max and the Spice Thieves. 

Kate had to make some tough choices about pursing a career out of the house or staying home to take care of her son. 

In 2020, things changed. Max could not return to school, Kate had to leave her job at a real estate office, and John was ready to share his debut novel with the world. 

And so it happened- Kate and John decided it was time to create something new- something they could both be passionate about and something they could grow together. 

In March, 2020, L’Oste Vineyard Press LLC, became official and they signed on three authors. John and Kate are dedicated to the idea of bringing great books into the world from others with lost voices with a beautiful story to tell. Welcome to our wondrous circus and get ready to read some amazing tales both made up and true ones meant to inspire.